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Where is the Rain!! that is the real question, there has been a high pressure over north parts of Saudi Arabia as well as the Middle east which is preventing any low pressure coming from the Mediterranean to cross through to the middle east, this ridge of high pressure does not look like it is going anywhere soon, though it will cool down the weather very rapidly and sharply by next week so expect to start using your jackets very soon!! there is a slight chance of rain across Qatar and Bahrain through the coming 48 hours, these will be isolated thunderstorms fueling with the same system that affected the area few weeks ago! so enjoy any drop of rain for now.

Weather Outlook for the week

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Meweather

Weather outlook for the week is fine across the middle east, temperatures will drop slightly through this week, some clouds are expected over the western and north parts of Saudi Arabia with a slight chance of rain across Jeddah and Madina in during the coming week. The Mediterranean is still looking clear with some clouds and rain not before the end of this week.

The system that is producing some violent thunderstorms across the Arabian Gulf and Qatar along with parts of Bahrain and the Eastern Province is expected to continue till Wednesday, these storms were developing very fast and spread along the east Gulf States and the Arabian Gulf extending to the eastern parts of the UAE, as you see from the pictures in this post that were taken this morning and in the after noon from the eastern part of Saudi close to Bahrain and Qatar, the storms had massive bases and stretched very high into the sky, rain and lightning has affected any area these storms were developing above. weather watch will be in affect for Bahrain, Qatar and the eastern province for the coming 48 hours for more development of these storms.

Finally some rain ! first drops of the season have fallen on Bahrain and Qatar from a system of colliding fronts , one is moist and the other is cold , this situation will stay for at least 2 more days and will produce some nice sudden showers in the after noon and night time. the system might also affect eastern parts of Saudi Arabia including Khubar and Dhahran.

Chances for some rain are showing up on the prediction modules for the north east of Saudi Arabia , there is also a slight chance of rain showing up by next Saturday along the east cost of Saudi Arabia including Bahrain and Qatar , this prediction might change but i will keep you posted!!