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The cold front that produced the strong winds and picked up all the sand possible in the past 24 hours has passed across from the north to the south of the Arabia. The Sand storms were also followed by some thunderstorms across much of the north and north east parts of Arabia extending to Bahrain and some parts of Qatar with light showers. The current modules are predicting a strong high pressure system to dominate the region for the coming few days with sun shine and cool weather across much of Arabia. for now we are back to praying for more rain !!

Where is the Rain ! Feb 22 2012 Update

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Meweather

Well i have not been posting any predictions since i don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel for the Gulf or Saudi Arabia yet ! though there has been plenty of systems crossing the area more to the north of Saudi Arabia and into the middle east the past few weeks. These systems have produced above than average rain fall for the middle east this year ! and excellent snow accumulation that will for sure allow skiers to enjoy a lovely season !!
The current prediction for the Gulf area and Saudi Arabia is still looking very calm, the closest slight possibility of rain will be this week across some parts of the western region and then extending to the north and east of Saudi Arabia. Though rain fall and strength of this system seem to be very weak but lets hope for the best.
The rest of the Middle east will still see more systems crossing over in the coming week or so with more rain expected through out this weekend.
Hope we all pray for some rain in the Gulf !!