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Its the start of season changes , and part of these changes is rain ! and most of this rain comes as thunderstorms with strong winds and some hail, you can see as attached the rain predicion for the Middle East from now till mid of October. it is noted that there is a start of some rain predictions north of Saudi Arabia, these rains should then start shifting towords the rest of the Gulf by the last few weeks of October ! so get ready for some changing weather!!

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Posted: September 25, 2010 in Meweather

Rain and Thunderstorms are expected over northern parts of Lebanon as well as syria today, this should continue through out today and tonight. a drop of tempreture is expected along these areas. for the rest of the middle east it should be fine also along the Gulf with a slight increase in Tempretures, it should cool down again by the end of this week. enjoy the weather where ever you are !

A system of low pressure will produce some Rain across the north west of Saudi Arabia as well as Jordan and Syria, this is the first system and is looking good. we have also started to see some clouds across the Gulf as you can see from the attached Picture taken from Bahrain Midday Wednesday, these clouds mean that we are breaking away from summer finally..;)

The weather has started to change slightly this week, more cooler weather is expected to spread from the  north towards the south into the Gulf. Tempretures will start to fall slightly between 2 to 4 Degrees!

The shift in seasons has officially started for the Middle East, The first low pressure has started to affect some parts of northern Iraq and Jordan, and some Rain is possible over these regions !!

Attaqs has proved that it is one of the best Middle East Weather Discussion Forums, it has reached a very big number of subscribers in the past few years.

the range of its discussion cover everything related to Weather in the middle east and even north Africa and some times including Weather related news follow ups like Cyclones and Hurricanes.

some of its leading members have been very challenging in their knowledge and predictions, they have proven that our Arab Weather Community can produce Weather Fans and experts that add to the knowledge and coverage of Weather Related Facts and information.

You can visit Attaqs Forum through

Hope you enjoy it!

All eyes on Hurricane Julia and Hurricane IGOR

Its A Hurricane Chase in the Atlantic !

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Meweather

Both Hurricane IGOR and Hurricane Julia are in a chase in the Atlantic waters, its a common time to see more than one Hurricane in the Atlantic and they both seem to be heading in the same direction.

It will be few days before we can say for sure if any of these Hurricanes will be in direct threat to the east cost of the United States.

Hurricane IGOR

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Cyclones and Hurricanes

Latest Images and data are suggesting that Hurricane IGOR will move north-west in the coming 24 hours.  IGOR is currently a Category 4 Hurricane.While a Tropical storm is developing behind IGOR and already Named Julia , it is also expected to strengthen in the next 48 Hours and a Hurricane Development is highly Possible.

Both these system should be monitored for any change in direction or Strength.

Hello world!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Meweather

Welcome to Middle East Weather Blog Dot Net. The blog has been officially launched today !

It has always been my personal passion, to monitor and study every weather related phenomena around the world.  I have been for ages a weather fan , and in this part of the world we are seeing changes , is it a real climate change ? or is our world changing naturally ? i believe that the world through ages had its way , regardless of human intervention , though humans speed up these changes.

through this blog, i will monitor and update weather changes and significant weather systems affecting the Middle East specifically and the world in general, to provide better understanding , flow of information, and insight to our changing  Weather.

I hope that you will join me, like many of my fans out there, to stay on top of our changing weather !