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It seems that Jeddah is under water ! A massive thunderstorm line has crossed Jeddah Yesterday and produced an amazing 120 mm of rain in three hours!! this amount of rain i must say is the highest ever recorded in that area in three hours!! the reason behind this severe thunderstorm is the cold front that is colliding with warm air coming from Africa fueled by heavy moisture in the air which produced sudden development of very heavy thunderstorms that can become from nothing to a severe storm in few hours and is very hard to predict and does not give the forecaster much time to warn others in the area. you can see from the attached picture the severe thunderstorm that affected Jeddah yesterday. Severe Weather is expected to affect parts of the Mediterranean in the coming 48 hours with very heavy rain, this stormy system will continue and will also move south affecting some parts of the eastern province by Sunday and Monday, heavy thunderstorms are expected and could be heavy so keep an open eye!!

More Rain is on the way!

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Meweather

There is a new system which is expected to produce some more rain this week and will start to affect the central parts of Saudi Arabia including Riyadh, as well as the western area including Jeddah and Maddina as well as Makkah in the coming 24 hours. This system will move to the east and will produce some thunderstorms by this week end in parts of the eastern province including the Gulf area and Bahrain as well as Qatar. Rain Predictions as the moment are showing 40 mm possible from this system, these predictions can very well be more or else once the system starts affecting the. Get Ready for Some Rain !!

Good Rain Good Start !

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Meweather

The past 48 hours produced very heavy rain across much of the Gulf Area including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. Readings from the weather stations across the area show accumulative rain amounts around 50 mm in Dammam and 45 mm in Riyadh , as well as 60 mm in Bahrain and 50 mm in Qatar. These amounts are about the average of a month in our season, any extra rain will be an add on to the normal average. Current weather modules are expecting some more rain towards next week end on the eastern and north eastern parts of Saudi Arabia. Some rain is also expected along this week towards the south of the Gulf and the UAE, could also include parts of Riyadh. The temperatures should stay along the same through out the coming week. Some snow was also recorded along the hills area of Tabuk. Weather will be generally fine to partly cloudy over much of the Gulf with small chances of rain here and there but nothing very significant for the coming few days.

Severe Weather will continue for the coming 48 hours through the Gulf Area, There are Flood Warnings from Heavy rain for today and tomorrow, latest weather computer modules have raised their accumulated expected rain amounts for the coming 48 hours, some 70 mm might be expected to fall across the area. Severe rain is expected to affect Riyadh, and more intense towards Bahrain, and Qatar as well as the eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Temperatures will also drop at least 3 to 5 Degrees across the area by tomorrow.

Weather Warning for the Gulf Area

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Meweather

Weather Warning for the Eastern Parts of Saudi Arabia including Bahrain and Qatar for the coming week until Friday. A system of low pressure moving from the north through the Mediterranean will affect the area with heavy rain and thunderstorms, the strength of the system will be felt mostly starting Monday through Thursday, the heaviest rain can be expected by Tuesday night to Wednesday. flood watch is in place for these 2 days as some modules as seen in this press are expecting between 50-80 mm per day, which is a big amount for a 24 hour period. caution is advised. the system will also produce severe snow across Iran and parts of western Iran will see very heavy rain as the system moves across from the Gulf to the east. enjoy the weather where ever you are.!

Finally Winter and rain might be starting for the Gulf Area, there is strong indication of more than one low pressure systems that will affect the Mediterranean in the coming two weeks, the first starting this week end and then moving south east towards the Gulf more to the north of teh Gulf, Rain and drop in tempresures is expected to affect Kuwait , Bahrain , and Qatar as well as the northern part of Saudi by Next week, clouds should start showing up by this week end and increasing, even snow is possible along north of Saudi though its a very small chance. the central part of Saudi including Riyadh might see some rain but not yet very strong, most of the rain out of these systems will affect the eastern parts of Saudi as well as moving north and reaching the UAE by the end of next week. severe weather is also expected over Iran through the end of next week with snow possibility and heavy rain, this low pressure will show sign of deepening towards the south which will bring temperatures down. The Mediterranean and more specifically Jordan and Palestine will see heavy rain and chance of snow across the area as well as Syria by next week , multiple low pressure systems will affect the area in the coming 2 weeks so enjoy the wintry feeling that is coming with these systems.

Happy New year to all of my readers!! I hope you had an excellent new year with your loved ones. I was too on a short holiday 😉

The weather is still not showing good possibility of rain in the Gulf or along the central part including Riyadh, the only indication for now is for a chance of rain across the north and north eastern parts of Saudi Arabia and might include Bahrain and Qatar by this coming Monday. there is though another system coming next week which might be much stronger than this weeks system and might produce some rain across Riyadh and the eastern Province. temperatures will drop across the middle east this week and the cold weather should be coming back soon.