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Welcome to Middle East Weather Blog Dot Net.

It has always been my personal passion, to monitor and study every weather related phenomena around the world.  I have been for ages a weather fan , and in this part of the world we are seeing changes , is it a real climate change ? or is our world changing naturally ? i believe that the world through ages had its way , regardless of human intervention , though humans speed up these changes.

through this blog, i will monitor and update weather changes and significant weather systems affecting the Middle East specifically and the world in general, to provide better understanding , flow of information, and insight to our changing  Weather.

I hope that you will join me, like many of my fans out there, to stay on top of our changing weather !


Iyad Maher Bader

  1. Khaldoun Tahboub says:

    congratulations … Very nice step to Culture Change …
    I’ll be adding this to my fav 🙂

  2. Nidal Zeitoun says:

    Excellent initiative..

  3. Thanks for hosting this excellent site.

    I have been studying the Arabian peninsula weather and its interaction with the natural vegetation, and it seems that starting this year, the KSA is going to be a focal point of annual torrential rain, from Brazil in March and April maybe into May, and from India from May to November. I am suggesting almost a meter or more of rain in places. Instead of measuring rainfall in mm, it will be cms, to a meter.

    This huge amount of rainfall for the peninsula was normal, before the natural vegetation of Arabia was removed by domesticated animals about 5,500 years ago, and there were still lakes and flowing rivers as late as Roman times. Only the vegetation around Salalah was spared, because that was protected for its extremely valuable incense groves.

    Now the natural vegetaion of the peninsula will become extremely valuable again, this time to manage and control the impact of the torrential rains.

    There was enough rain falling in historic times, to fill a lake at least 100 meters deep in the Empty Quarter, and fill a river the size of the Amazon, with falls that can still be seen by Google Earth.

    The torrential rains on the peninsula, will be an example of how a climate status-quo that has existed for 5,500 years from the lack of vegetation and atmospheric dust, can be overwhelmed by an increase in moisture in the air from global warming.

    It is my suggestion that the peninsula can get ready for this rain, by moving the buildings out of the bottoms of the wadis and get ready for the wadis to turn into rivers by replanting the bottoms with trees, by replanting the local native grasses and trees to catch the rain instead of letting the water run off as flash floods, to set aside a large area as Ecological Restoration preserves as rain catchment areas, and to put a solar panel on every roof on every building on the peninsula.

    Sincerely, Craig Carlton Dremannˇ

  4. Maher Bader says:

    Dear Iyad
    It is great to have a hobby that is also usefull to others.

    The weather in the Gulf is very important because the rain comes suddenly and the duration between the occurrence of rain is very long, this causes blockage of rain drain. The sandy soil also does not filter the rain causing quick flood.

    As a civil engineer I believe drainage of rain water in our mostly dry climate is very difficult to manage, only with repeated maintenance of drains from sand and waist paper can we minimize the blockage of rain drains. Also allocating empty spaces within the cities ready to accet temporary rain water is the best solution. This will also allow the water to filter to refill the underground aquifers.

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