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Weather Warning issued for parts of the north , north west and western regions of Saudi Arabia including Yanbo , Jeddah. a system is approaching and should produce sudden thunderstorms with strong winds over much of these areas, the system will start by tonight and will be on watch till Tuesday. heavy rain is highly possible and flood watch is in place for these regions. the system might extend east to reach as fare as Riyadh , possible showers over the coming 48 hours, other areas will see some clouds with slight rain possibility over the eastern regions including the Gulf regions.

Wintry system starting 04/01/2014

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Meweather

A New system has developed over much of the north to the north east of Saudi Arabia, expected to bring heavy rain as we move east. The system is expected to reach its full potential by Monday with strong winds and heavy rain over much of the eastern province including Bahrain and Qatar. By Tuesday the storm will move south to parts of the UAE. The current indication is predicting more rain through out the month of jan. The next system will affect us by next weekend. Enjoy the rain 🙂