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The low pressure system which affected much of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar has now moved east to Iran with a small chance of light rain over the UAE from the remnants of this system today. The system dumped an average of 20-40 mm of rain across much of Central and Eastern Parts of Saudi Arabia. Temperatures have dropped with the passing of this low pressure to a minimum of 0-5 C across parts of Riyadh and the northern parts of Saudi Arabia. The latest weather modules are forecasting a high ridge pressure over much of Arabia , this will provide sunny clear weather for at least 5-7 days. Temperatures will gradually increase 2-4 degrees from the current lows by the middle of the coming week.

A severe low pressure system has developed as expected over the south eastern parts of the Mediterranean. the low pressure system is now affecting Egypt and the southern parts of the Mediterranean sea with heavy thunderstorms and strong gusty winds. By Monday the system of low pressure will move east-south east over the northern borders of Saudi Arabia, thunderstorms will start to develop over Qassim and to the north – and north east of Qassim with heavy rain and strong gusts. Current weather modules are expecting up to 60mm of rain to accumulate over the said areas by Monday through to Tuesday. By Late Monday , early Tuesday the system will start to move South-South east and affecting much of the Central Region Including Riyadh extending to the eastern province including Jubail and south to Dammam and Khubar as well as Bahrain by Tuesday. The system is showing a potential to be one of the strongest systems to affect the area in years, flood watch warnings are in affect mostly towards central and north central Arabia, with heavy spells to affect the eastern parts later on Tuesday as the system moves east – north east to Iran through the Arabian Gulf by Wednesday. will keep you updated for any changes.

Predictions are still showing a very strong possibility of heavy rain this week, the system has started tonight over central and north eastern parts of saudi Arabia. Rain is expected tonight over parts of Riyadh but more to the east through to Damam and bahrain. This brief rain will be followed Monday with a severe system that will develop in the same area and will of central to north of saudi and will develop towords the eastern parts of saudi with very heavy rain and thunderstorms through to Thursday. Flood watch is in affect for central and north central areas including Qassim and eastern Riyadh, bahrain and Qatar might also expect some local flooding. Temperatures will drop as this system makes a pass through the area. Enjoy the rain !

Get ready for some real rain

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Meweather

There is a system that is expected to develop over the Gulf starting from Friday , this system will start to develop over north west of saudi Arabia and will start to expand tote south and east from saudi Arabia. Heavy showers and heavy rain is expected over parts of Riyadh and moving east to bahrain and the eastern province of saudi Arabia, the heaviest rain is expected in the eastern province by late next week. Get ready for some real wet weather 🙂

Weather data changed for Jeddah and spared the city potential heavy rain last few days. No indication of any rain in the coming few days over Jeddah anymore. A fresh strong system is starting over north east of saudi Arabia and will extend to central saudi as well as bahrain and Qatar, this system and as per the latest weather modules is expected to produce up to 10 mm of rain across thie area starting Monday night and extending to the weekend. A sharp decrease in temperatures is expected , get ready for serious winter and have your jackets and umbrellas at your doorstep. Temperatures are expected to reach lows of about 10 c in the eastern province by next week.

Weather watch for Jeddah for today and tomorrow as thunderstorms are expected over the western region extending to Makkah. These can be sudden thunderstorms and might be heavy. This watch is from today till the next 48 hours. The rest of the region is still under a heat wave and temperatures are still high and summer like in much of the eastern and southern parts of saudi. The next system should be affecting the Gulf by Tuesday of the next week, with rain and strong winds, as well as a sharp decrease in temperatures again. The Mediterranean has seen heavy rain over the past few days and still more rain in the coming 24 hours with cold front affecting the area and temperatures expected to reach lows bellow 10C by tonight.

A cold front is moving from the north west to the east, south east. Some showers are expected today over kuwait, extending through till tomorrow. The cold front will then move south across the eastern province of saudi Arabia and across to bahrain and Qatar by midday Sunday to Monday, thunderstorms are expected and some heavy rain is possible for few hours. A good drop in temperature will be felt while this cold front crosses the area. Temperature should fall at least 4 to 5 degrees. The system will then move south to the UAE by the end of the week and rain over the UAE is possible by Tuesday and wednesday. The next possible rainy system will be starting around the 16th of November, will keep you posted. Enjoy the rain 🙂