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There is a deep low west of India moving towards the north into the Arabian sea close to Oman current modules are showing movement north to north east towards Pakistan and then moving to the tip of the UAE and into east Iran. though there is a very good chance that there will be a shift to the north west in the coming 48 hours and this will give more chance of it hitting the Gulf of Oman in the coming few days. The system needs to be under watch, and regardless of here it will end , expect heavy thunderstorms over east of Oman and the mountains as well as the north tip of the UAE and could extend into more land. system to be under watch.

India Monsoon Has started !

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Meweather

I used to hear allot that the Monsoon Rain in India is one of the strongest rain fall in the world and now i know that this is true ! i have been in India for the past few weeks and this is the reason for limited updates on weather , also not to mention that there is not allot of activity over the Gulf in the Past few weeks other than the Monsoon humidity reach to south of Oman and the Arabian sea. The monsoon is stretching from the south west towards the north west reaching to mumbai by the week end. very heavy rain has fallen where i am at the moment in Kerla , it seems the totals here reached 150 mm since 48 hours ago, the system is expected to continue with thundery showers over much of Kerla area and extending to the north in the coming few days. weather otherwise fine and hot for the rest of the Gulf.