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Predictions are still strong for the coming few weeks. A serious system is predicted to develop starting from the north central area of Saudi Arabia and spreading towards the north eastern parts of Saudi Arabia including Kuwait. The current update is putting the system strength mostly to the north east of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is on the track of the system as well as jubail. Very heavy rain is expected. Floods are highly possible and the system needs to be taken Very seriously. The system is expected to reach south to parts of Qatar. All the area between Qatar and Kuwait should take extra care from flooding and very heavy rain. Thunderstorms will develop throughout the week from the 18th onwards. This is the 2nd warning and updates will follow as the system comes closer.

Issuing my first weather warning of the season : indications are pointing out a potential severe system over much of the eastern province, including Bahrain and Qatar starting around the 20th of November. If the indications are correct, this might be a very serious system producing over 100mm of rain in some areas and staying for at least 5 days which makes it even more dangerous producing record flooding. I will keep an eye and will update you as we get closer in time.