Models are in line still with a strong system affecting parts of the Arabian Gulf including parts of Kuwait & the eastern province of Saudi Arabia between the 25th of November & the 4th of December . At the moment there is still a discrepancy between the American and European models on the location of the system, the GFS American models are placing the system more to the north while that European model is shifting it further south. The bottom line we still have few more days for this system to get more accurate. The thing to note though is that the amount of rain predicted over the Gulf is unprecedented if it holds up. 300 millimeters within 7 days is something to seriously watch out for. Will keep you updated as we get closer to the end of next week. 


The GFS weather forecasting model run is still holding on for a very strong system over much of the Gulf between 23rd to 30th of November. We will Keep updating this system in the coming few days to track it’s intensity and accuracy. For now we can maintain that it must be under watch. Current models predicting very heavy rain over Kuwait running down the east coast of Saudi Arabia towards Bahrain and Qatar. If the predictions hold, we can expect flood like conditions. Accumulated precipitation as seen in the attached for that period. 

Starting the Winter season for 2016/17

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Meweather

Finaly there is hope for the Gulf including Saudi Arabia , Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. A system might develop between the 22nd and the 30th of Nov moving south east, this system might produce heavy rains in parts of the eastern province , mostly over Jubail and the the border with Kuwait, the system is still under watch and will update you further.

Weather Watch for The Gulf

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Early indications are favorable for a cold front to cross over the north eastern parts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait During the coming of next week. The system should start by Sunday then drift through to the south bringing rain and thunderstorms as it moves south to Bahrain and Qatar by the 24th of Nov, UAE can also expect some rain by the weekend! This system is under the watch as it is the first system of the winter to cross this south towords the Middle of the Gulf reaching as south as the UAE. Crossing my fingers on this one ! 😉

weather watch for the Gulf

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A system will produce rain across the middle of the eastern province including Bahrain Qatar and then moving to the UAE. The system well be moving fast , rain will start on Sunday over the middle of the eastern province including Bahrain and Qatar and by Monday will be over the UAE. Enjoy the rain 🙂

Current indications are suggesting that at least 2 strong low pressures are going to affect the area starting around 12 of Dec through to 24 of Dec spreading from the north parts of Saudi Arabia including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and moving then east south east to Kuwait and then to parts of the central and eastern regions of Saudi Arabia by 16 to 22 of Dec. The system seems to be strong mostly over parts of the Mediterranean by the 12 and onwards, cumulative amounts of rain might reach 100 m + in some areas so get ready for heavy rain !!

A local system has developed over much of the cerntal region of saudi arabia moving east , south east in the coming 48 hours. thunderstorms and showers car expected along with the system. heavy rain is also possible more around the Central region.

enjoy the rain and yes it will get colder 😉

Severe weather warning issued

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A local system is producing thunderstorms over much of the central and eastern region of Saudi Arabia. There is multiple cells across the area some with very heavy rain and hail possible.

This system will linger around for few days.

Weather Update

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Heavy rain associated with thunderstorms affected much of the central and northern parts of Saudi Arabia including the eastern parts as well as Bahrain. This system is still active and the chance of thunderstorms developing in the afternoon today is still a possibility. a cold front will be moving in by later today and tomorrow and the clouds will start to dissipate.

The latest predictions are are giving a slight chance of rain over central and eastern parts of Saudi Arabia by the beginning of December. Cold weather will is expected to start to affect much of the Gulf by the end of this month.

have a lovely day

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Weather update

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Meweather

A system is developing with a cold front moving from the north of Saudi Arabia including Kuwait to the central parts of Saudi Arabia including Riyadh then to the east including khubar, Dammam, Jubail, and Bahrain by Monday. Thunderstorms and showers are expected and will be heavy north east of Saudi Arabia including Kuwait. Jeddah should be under a thunderstorm watch tonight and tomorrow.