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Severe Weather Warning issued for Madina , Yanbo, Jeddah, Makkah

A cold front is passing through the area today and sudden thunderstorm possibility is very high. these storms can be pretty strong with very heavy rains. flash flood warning is in effect for the coming 48 hours. stay safe.

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Winter is Back !

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Meweather

It has been a long summer and i must confess i have missed you all!!

I am fed up of the heat !! though this summer was not as bad as the past few summers but i just miss the rain !

So lets cut into the real business ! when is the rain coming ??!! The good news is that it seems to be soon , my early indication is pointing out a low pressure system starting around Nov 25th in the northern parts of Saudi Arabia then moving south as the days move ahead. it is too early now to provide more details but seems to me like a good system. by the 26 , 27, 28 , 29 expected to be over Bahrain , Qatar and then will keep an eye for the UAE.

Enjoy the cooler weather and get ready for the cold weather !!

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Weather Warning issued for parts of the north , north west and western regions of Saudi Arabia including Yanbo , Jeddah. a system is approaching and should produce sudden thunderstorms with strong winds over much of these areas, the system will start by tonight and will be on watch till Tuesday. heavy rain is highly possible and flood watch is in place for these regions. the system might extend east to reach as fare as Riyadh , possible showers over the coming 48 hours, other areas will see some clouds with slight rain possibility over the eastern regions including the Gulf regions.

Wintry system starting 04/01/2014

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Meweather

A New system has developed over much of the north to the north east of Saudi Arabia, expected to bring heavy rain as we move east. The system is expected to reach its full potential by Monday with strong winds and heavy rain over much of the eastern province including Bahrain and Qatar. By Tuesday the storm will move south to parts of the UAE. The current indication is predicting more rain through out the month of jan. The next system will affect us by next weekend. Enjoy the rain 🙂

Predictions are still strong for the coming few weeks. A serious system is predicted to develop starting from the north central area of Saudi Arabia and spreading towards the north eastern parts of Saudi Arabia including Kuwait. The current update is putting the system strength mostly to the north east of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is on the track of the system as well as jubail. Very heavy rain is expected. Floods are highly possible and the system needs to be taken Very seriously. The system is expected to reach south to parts of Qatar. All the area between Qatar and Kuwait should take extra care from flooding and very heavy rain. Thunderstorms will develop throughout the week from the 18th onwards. This is the 2nd warning and updates will follow as the system comes closer.

Issuing my first weather warning of the season : indications are pointing out a potential severe system over much of the eastern province, including Bahrain and Qatar starting around the 20th of November. If the indications are correct, this might be a very serious system producing over 100mm of rain in some areas and staying for at least 5 days which makes it even more dangerous producing record flooding. I will keep an eye and will update you as we get closer in time.

We are Back ! 2013- 2014 Winter

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Meweather

Finally the winter is back ! temperatures have started dropping and i expect this winter to be one of the coldest winters we have seen for a very long time through the middle east and the Gulf Region.

early indications are suggesting the start of the rainy winter by the end of October. there is a system that we have started to watch around early Nov which is expected to produce some heavy rain across more northern parts of Saudi Arabia towards Kuwait. we will update this system once things get clearer.

for now welcome back everyone !!

Thunderstorms are expected to develop more strongly this evening around central and eastern parts of Saudi Arabia including Bahrain and Qatar, this could be the last wave of storms for this season, it has been a very active month and for sure amounts of rain in totals have exceeded normal averages. lets hope for a final grand finally today with these storms 😉

Severe weather alert

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Meweather

Sever tropical system has started to affect wide areas Arabian peninsula, this system is producing thunderstorms, These storms include very heavy rain, hail, and damaging winds. The system is expect to stay in the area for the coming week. The effected areas will include Riyadh, UAE, Oman, parts of the eastern province, bahrain, and Qatar. This system is predicted to be a severe system, with rain amounts exceeding true corded averages, current indications put the rain fall at around 100 mm in some areas in central Saudi Arabia. Flooding will be an issue , take precaution and avoid any low laying areas. This system might be one of a kind in history with the amount of rain expected, if so all should be aware and be prepared. 

Thunderstorms still possible

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Meweather

A new wave of thunderstorms is developing across central and northern parts of Saudi Arabia moving north east, the system will start to push south by Saturday afternoon through to Monday. Thunderstorms and strong winds are possible from this system, Riyadh and parts of the north towards the north east and then south to the eastern province including Bahrain might be affected with a thunderstorms by the coming 24 hours.