Winter is Back !

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Meweather

It has been a long summer and i must confess i have missed you all!!

I am fed up of the heat !! though this summer was not as bad as the past few summers but i just miss the rain !

So lets cut into the real business ! when is the rain coming ??!! The good news is that it seems to be soon , my early indication is pointing out a low pressure system starting around Nov 25th in the northern parts of Saudi Arabia then moving south as the days move ahead. it is too early now to provide more details but seems to me like a good system. by the 26 , 27, 28 , 29 expected to be over Bahrain , Qatar and then will keep an eye for the UAE.

Enjoy the cooler weather and get ready for the cold weather !!

Meweather Admin

  1. Glad to see you back.
    Unfortunately until the Pakistan-Arabia Dust Cloud moves away from the area, no rainfall is possible. The Dust Cloud has stopped three cyclones so far this year, Hudhud, Nilofar, and today it is currently working on getting rid of Cyclone No. 5 on the Southeast Coast of India. It is an amazing scene to watch a Dust Cloud just eat a cyclone for breakfast, keeps it off shore so that little or no rain reaches the land.

    If the Middle East wants regular and reliable rainfall in the future, something must be done to eliminate the Dust Cloud, otherwise as long as it remains stronger than any cyclone, the future looks drier and drier for the region.

    Since the Dust Cloud is man-made, annual investments must be made to manage it, perhaps using some of the funds currently used to purchase military equipment from Europe and the USA, could be used to provide environmental improvements and security for the people?

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