Rain Is On The Way!

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Meweather

After a mostly calm month , march is starting to show some indications of a rainy end to the month over most of the Arabian Peninsula and into the Gulf Region. two systems are expected to pass over the area starting tonight, the first system is going to produce some heavy rains and thunderstorms across much of the north and north east of Saudi Arabia including Kuwait from today up until Monday. there is a slight chance that these showers will reach parts of central and eastern Saudi Arabia including Bahrain by Monday. The 2nd system is supposed to be more aggressive and is going to start to affect the area by Tuesday night through Friday, central regions including Riyadh can expect heavy thunderstorms to develop by Tuesday through Thursday, the system will move east to south east by the weekend and will affect Bahrain. Qatar, and then through to the UAE, so emirates get ready for some rain finally !!

  1. The rain is coming from the south, which is a new storm track, and there is a possibility that it may produce unusual amounts of rainfall, as long as the moisture arrives from that direction.

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