Severe Weather Alert 13-14 April

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Meweather

Severe weather is expected in the coming 48 hours over the eastern province of saudi Arabia including Jubail and into Dhahran , Dammam, and into bahrain and Qatar. Very strong thunderstorms are expected to develop over these areas , with strong winds and hail possible. Very heavy rain showers are expected to produce flash floods in low areas. Weather modules are showing a very severe convective area over the above areas. Stay on the watch and stay safe.

  1. This is the new flood spring (March-May) rainfall pattern that originates in Brazil, goes eastward to tropical Africa then north to Arabia. Today, April 14, there are two more storms coming, one is off Brazil and the other is in Western tropical Africa. The year, in April then again perhaps in July, flood may occur in parts of Arabia, and we hope that the reisdents of the peninsula will be able to prepare for them, so there will be no loss of life.

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