Cold Weather Expected To Return Starting Sunday 11th Dec 2011

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Meweather

Cold high pressure system is expected to start moving south by Sunday the 11th of Dec 2011. Temperatures will drop sharply through this week with some high winds. current weather modules are suggesting a new low pressure between 18th and 25th of Dec 2011. its too early now to forecast exact location of this low pressure and where it will affect the most but currently modules are showing chances of Rain stretching from the western region including Jeddah to the north east of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait along with parts of central Saudi extending to Bahrain and Qatar. I will keep you updated on this upcoming low pressure once the forecast starts to be more clear and accurate.

  1. moiz says:

    Waiting for Rain in Jeddah 🙂

    • meweather says:

      Hi Moiz, good chance this month. chances will more more towards the end of Dec 2011, but weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy by this week and the coming week…tell me when it rains 😉

      • moiz says:

        Me fine by the Grace of ALLAH Almighty !!!
        By the way there might be a chance of RAIN this week maybe on Friday :p

  2. moiz says:


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