Last Update on the Severe Low pressure system expected to start by Monday

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Meweather

A severe low pressure system has developed as expected over the south eastern parts of the Mediterranean. the low pressure system is now affecting Egypt and the southern parts of the Mediterranean sea with heavy thunderstorms and strong gusty winds. By Monday the system of low pressure will move east-south east over the northern borders of Saudi Arabia, thunderstorms will start to develop over Qassim and to the north – and north east of Qassim with heavy rain and strong gusts. Current weather modules are expecting up to 60mm of rain to accumulate over the said areas by Monday through to Tuesday. By Late Monday , early Tuesday the system will start to move South-South east and affecting much of the Central Region Including Riyadh extending to the eastern province including Jubail and south to Dammam and Khubar as well as Bahrain by Tuesday. The system is showing a potential to be one of the strongest systems to affect the area in years, flood watch warnings are in affect mostly towards central and north central Arabia, with heavy spells to affect the eastern parts later on Tuesday as the system moves east – north east to Iran through the Arabian Gulf by Wednesday. will keep you updated for any changes.

  1. If the storm from the north clears out the atmospheric dust over the KSA, then the Cyclone 5 that is currently moving toward Oman, will have nothing blocking it, and may have a huge impact on Arabia.

  2. Maher Bader says:

    After the heavy rain on Tuesday Nov 29 the Eastern Provence of Saudi Arabia will have very clean air and a picture perfect view. try to enjoy it.

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