Weather warning for Oman starting 1st of November

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Meweather

Severe low pressure system gaining strength from the Arabian sea heading north with huge amounts of moisture will affect Oman and the south of the UAE as well as the eastern parts of north east UAE with heavy sudden thunderstorms, modules are showing over 150 mm of rain on costal areas of Oman. This low should be under watch for further cyclone development.

  1. Prior to 1985 the torrential or flooding rainfall events in Arabia was very rare, only occurring only once every 200 years or so. Since 2002, it has become at least an annual event, because the atmospheric dust that kept the moisture away for over 5,000 years is giving way, to re-establish the heavy annual rainfall pattern that occurred in Arabia before 5,500 years ago. I discuss this detail on the website listed below.

    These flood or torrential rainfall events in Arabia should not be any surprise and should not be unexpected, and could be predicted to occur at least annually or more than once a year from now on.

    If these flood or torrential rainfall events are to be expected annually, people should be aware of this permanent rainfall change and prepare for it. For example, there are six suggestions on my web page, like— Relocate buildings out of the bottom of wadis, and preserve the bottoms as public open spaces or parks, and replant the wadi bottoms with native trees, in anticipation that the rivers will start flowing again. These public parks and open spaces at the bottom of the wadis, will give the waters a route within which to flow, without harming lives or property.

    Based on the last eight years of records, the chance of floods each month in Arabia is JAN 15%, FEB 9%, MAR. 9%, APR. 15%, May 6%, JUNE 6%, July 21%, AUG 9%, SEPT-OCT 0%, NOV. 6%, DEC 0%. I hope this information is useful to your readers.

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