Ramadan Weather

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Meweather

I am sure all of you in the middle east and mostly in the Gulf are feeling the heat of summer! well this year looks very much like last year in regards to Temperatures , though i would say that humidity thankfully is still less than usual which is giving a cooler feeling for most of the day except for the middle of the day until around 5 in afternoon. You need to always be reminded to Drink lots of water , since most people forget to drink enough water in summer and feel more tired. Ramadan is also in the corner and should start around August 1st , so for the people that will be fasting you need to drink lots of water before beginning your fasting so that your body holds enough water to keep you moving until you break you fast.

The weather in Ramadan is expected to stay very hot with temperatures sometimes reaching 48c in the beginning of the month, i am expecting the weather to ease slowly by the end of Ramadan but in general it will be a very warm month. humidity might also increase towords the begining of this month but lets hope it eases down also by the end of it.

some rain and thunderstorms can be expected over Oman high lands and south west of Saudi Arabia, these are seasonal rains and are expected to be heavy at times , other than that some clouds might develop over central Saudi Arabia including Riyadh and to the south of the Capital, also some clouds might pass through to the UAE but under very heavy humidity. other than that the weather should be clear and sunny.

wish you a very healthy and cool month.

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