Unstable Weather Continues

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Meweather

Severe Thunderstorm Developed Tuesday over north parts of Saudi Arabia and moved east, these storms produced very heavy rain and some hail, more than 50 mm of rain was reported in some areas across this line of heavy thunderstorms that stretched from Jordan/Saudi Border north west to east of Iraq up until the far north of the country. This system is one of the very few systems i have ever seen with this cloud strength and cloud cover, these clouds are all CB type of clouds which develop usually in the Tropics, sudden development of these clouds produce very high winds and heavy rain with flash floods in any area they hit. the interesting part is that most weather modules are still predicting that this system of unstable weather will continue to affect most of the Gulf until at least the 6th of May!! and by the looks of this system the conditions that are producing this system seem to be holding up much more than usual. This year is moving to being a real unusual season by all means, and it is a year to monitor. The most interesting characteristic this year is the moisture that is fueling the Gulf with needed upper level convective energy, it has been ongoing and acting as a main source of instability when colliding with any approaching cold front, there is an open bridge stretching from Africa towards the Gulf in continues moisture feeding to the area , if this continues we will see Tropical weather staying for some time across the Gulf! something that i have personally not seen happening in my life time.
Weather Forecast for the coming 48 hours, expected thunderstorms developing across much of the north parts of Saudi Arabia , and some might reach Riyadh Area, Kuwait should be watching for some severe weather in the coming 48 hours, with high winds , sand storms, and severe thunderstorms with heavy rain. the system will then move east and south east with a chance to affect more parts of the Central Gulf though we will keep on monitoring the situation and updating it in the coming few days.

  1. Thanks for hosting this excellent site.

    I have been studying the Arabian peninsula weather and its interaction with the natural vegetation, and it seems that starting this year, the KSA is going to be a focal point of annual torrential rain, from Brazil in March and April maybe into May, and from India from May to November. I am suggesting almost a meter or more of rain in places. Instead of
    measuring rainfall in mm, it will be cms, to a meter or more annually in spots.

    This huge amount of rainfall for the peninsula was normal in ancient times, before the natural vegetation of Arabia was removed by domesticated animals about 5,500 years ago, and there were still lakes and flowing rivers as late as Roman times. Only the vegetation around Salalah was spared, because that was protected for its extremely valuable incense groves.

    Now the natural vegetaion of the peninsula will become extremely valuable again, this time to manage and control the impact of the torrential rains.

    There was enough rain falling in historic times, to fill a lake at least 100 meters deep in the Empty Quarter, and fill a river flowing west to east the size of the Amazon, with falls that can still be seen by Google Earth.

    The torrential rains on the peninsula, will be an example of how a desert climate status-quo that has existed for 5,500 years from the lack of vegetation and atmospheric dust, can be overwhelmed by an increase in moisture in the air from global warming.

    It is my suggestion that the peninsula should try and get ready for this rain, by moving the buildings out of the bottoms of the wadis and get ready for the wadis to turn into rivers by replanting the bottoms with trees, by replanting the local native grasses and trees to catch the rain instead of letting the water run off as flash floods, to set aside a large area as Ecological Restoration preserves as rain catchment areas, and to put a solar panel on every roof on every building on the peninsula.

    See http://www.ecoseeds.com/Saudi.html for pictures and details. I hope this information is useful.

    Sincerely, Craig C. Dremann, The Reveg Edge, Redwood City, CA USA (650) 325-7333

    • meweather says:

      Dear Craig, thank you very much for your comments and for the extensive information available on your website , it is very usfull and i am reading it currently , i do agree with you and yes we at this area believe that the area will become green again , with more rain and more rivers, amazingly enough even in our religious beliefs and by the prophet Mohammad himself noted that the Arabian Peninsula will become full of rivers and green again before the end of times. we have no doubt that this is going to happen , the question is when?? and this year seems to be really out of any rain fall average. not only more than usual rain but the type of the rain is whats making it unusual, the clouds that are forming the past month are all CB clouds as if we are shifting to the tropics weather !! this is what really needs to be under watch. thank you again Craig and please keep me updated with any information you might have and like to share with us here at the blog!! have a good day.

  2. Dear ME Weather,
    Thank you for your reply. When I first started studying the ancient Arabian rainfall, I did not understand how the summer monsoonal moisture from India in summer could have produced the 100 meter deep lakes and the waterfalls and the huge river system in the Empty Quarter–those huge water systems needed year-round and massive amounts of moisture. The new tropical cyclone belt forming off Brazil, headed eastward, through the Middle East, completes the picture, as the missing source. If the people of the Arabian peninsula could prepare to receive the extra rainfall, that could help everyone–otherwise if you are not prepared, it could ruin lives, like in Pakistan last year.

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