More Rain expected!

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Meweather

The fuel from the humidity of Africa is still spreading towards the Gulf, very strong thunderstorms were the result of this continuing fuel, we are still under the influence of this jet stream of humidity stretching from south Africa up to the north and north east. Severe thunderstorms developed last few days over allot of the areas including Riyadh. Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE. The system will stay feeding moisture towards the Gulf in the coming few days and more rain is expected though this time it will be more concentrated towards the Central and north western areas. Jeddah should be on a watch for the coming 4 to 5 days for any sudden thunderstorms , these thunderstorms will have heavy rain. Riyadh will see on and off rain for about 3 to 4 days this week so enjoy this weather its real spring !! temperature are holding down due to the clouds and rain in the area and should stay at these averages for the coming few days.
For Lebanon and the Mediterranean area the weather should be very nice and beautiful, no rain is expected for the coming days only slight chance of isolated afternoon showers , other than that it should be a sunny and cool few days ahead.
There is also one more system that should affect the Gulf area by the end of this month, so keep the umbrellas with you !

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