Weather Update for Feb 2011

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Meweather

The weather is getting Cold and i am sure you can feel it ! well there is a high pressure over parts of North Europe , and this High Pressure is pushing cold air towards the Gulf. There is also a low pressure system over Iran and the Mediterranean to the south which is expected to move towards the Gulf in the coming 48 hours. Rain and some thunderstorms are expected to develop starting from the north west and moving south towards Maddina , Jeddah, and Makkah , the rain is not expected to be very heavy but keep an open eye for any sudden thunderstorms in the coming 48 hours and mostly by Tuesday and Wednesday. The system will then start moving to the central region including Riyadh and then to the east , some thunderstorms are also possible in these areas by Wednesday towards the start of next week. Weather Modules are still not showing high amounts of rain in these areas , but these modules can change there predictions without prior notice. enjoy the rain this weekend, and stay warm as it will get colder throughout the coming week.

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