Jeddah under Water !! More Rain expected for the Eastern Parts of Saudi Arabia

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Meweather

It seems that Jeddah is under water ! A massive thunderstorm line has crossed Jeddah Yesterday and produced an amazing 120 mm of rain in three hours!! this amount of rain i must say is the highest ever recorded in that area in three hours!! the reason behind this severe thunderstorm is the cold front that is colliding with warm air coming from Africa fueled by heavy moisture in the air which produced sudden development of very heavy thunderstorms that can become from nothing to a severe storm in few hours and is very hard to predict and does not give the forecaster much time to warn others in the area. you can see from the attached picture the severe thunderstorm that affected Jeddah yesterday. Severe Weather is expected to affect parts of the Mediterranean in the coming 48 hours with very heavy rain, this stormy system will continue and will also move south affecting some parts of the eastern province by Sunday and Monday, heavy thunderstorms are expected and could be heavy so keep an open eye!!

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