Weather Watch for the Coming two weeks

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Meweather

Finally Winter and rain might be starting for the Gulf Area, there is strong indication of more than one low pressure systems that will affect the Mediterranean in the coming two weeks, the first starting this week end and then moving south east towards the Gulf more to the north of teh Gulf, Rain and drop in tempresures is expected to affect Kuwait , Bahrain , and Qatar as well as the northern part of Saudi by Next week, clouds should start showing up by this week end and increasing, even snow is possible along north of Saudi though its a very small chance. the central part of Saudi including Riyadh might see some rain but not yet very strong, most of the rain out of these systems will affect the eastern parts of Saudi as well as moving north and reaching the UAE by the end of next week. severe weather is also expected over Iran through the end of next week with snow possibility and heavy rain, this low pressure will show sign of deepening towards the south which will bring temperatures down. The Mediterranean and more specifically Jordan and Palestine will see heavy rain and chance of snow across the area as well as Syria by next week , multiple low pressure systems will affect the area in the coming 2 weeks so enjoy the wintry feeling that is coming with these systems.

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