Weather update for the coming New Year !

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Meweather

The weather is looking good for the coming New year, till now we had excellent amount of rain across much of the northern part of the Middle east, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan have already seen the monthly avarage in 4 days of rain. the outlook for the coming few weeks gives more rain to the northern part of the Middle east including Iran to the north east through the end of Dec and the Start of Jan 2011. for the Gulf Area we are still under the control of a high pressure which is limiting the ability of any Law pressure to move in from the north, though some rain can be expected in the western region this week and some light rain is possible these few days across Riyadh and the Eastern Parts of Saudi Arabia, including Bahrain and Qatar. the closest system of heavy rain does not seem to be showing any possibility before the end of Dec 2010 and the start of Jan 2011. Drop of Temp is expected through this week end across the Gulf though not as sharp as last week. Enjoy the weather where ever you are !

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