Hello world!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Meweather

Welcome to Middle East Weather Blog Dot Net. The blog has been officially launched today !

It has always been my personal passion, to monitor and study every weather related phenomena around the world.  I have been for ages a weather fan , and in this part of the world we are seeing changes , is it a real climate change ? or is our world changing naturally ? i believe that the world through ages had its way , regardless of human intervention , though humans speed up these changes.

through this blog, i will monitor and update weather changes and significant weather systems affecting the Middle East specifically and the world in general, to provide better understanding , flow of information, and insight to our changing  Weather.

I hope that you will join me, like many of my fans out there, to stay on top of our changing weather !

  1. Iyad says:

    Welcome to middle east weather watch blog

  2. Muniba Khan says:

    Hi captain!

    Seems like you got the ship sailing now 🙂
    see you around with lots of useful information.
    I learned my lesson the last time you warned me about the sand storm in Khobar. I don’t want to miss such information EVER again and get stuck in middle of desert !!

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